The 5 most sacred miracles performed by Jesus

Jesus Christ, the child of virgin Mary, is hailed as the ultimate God.

He is the one who sacrificed his life so that humanity could be better, so that men and women could be forgiven for their sins and live a better life.

And the teachings, preaching, and lessons put forward by Jesus are taught and learnt in many different ways.

The Bible for example, and the different versions of the Bible, put forward the many different miracles that Jesus performed for his believers.

Here are 5 most amazing and pious miracles by him.

1. Turning water into wine

One of the most miracles attributed to Jesus Christ was the incident when he turned water into wine. The legend, as told in the Gospel of John, describes how Jesus, his mother, and his disciples were invited to a wedding. Unfortunately, the wine ran out and Jesus' mother Mary informed him of the situation. Jesus did not want to come out as the miracle man in front of the public and thus was hesitant. But, upon his mother's instructions, he instructed the disciples to fill six stone jars with water. When the water was filled and taken to the relatives, it was said that this wine was even better than the one served before.
This showed Jesus' divine authority over the elements of nature and his compassion for people so that they are not let down during a wedding.

2. The disappointed fishermen

Mentioned in the Gospel of Luke is the miracle of fishes. One fine day as the fishermen went out to secure their goods, they had to face disappointment as they couldnt catch a single fish. Jesus, who had been preaching to some people, asked Peter to bring his boat near the shore, sat in the boat, completed the lesson, and then told Peter to bring the boat to the sea again.

Although they were sceptical, the fishermen obeyed and caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break. In fact, they had to call in their partners so that the boat does not drown because of the weight of the fishes.
This miracle showed that Jesus never wanted any of his believers to be without food. He was abundant and giving and made sure everyone got their share.

3. ​He cured leprosy

One of the most impossible things that was turned into a miracle healing by Jesus Christ was when he cured a man of leprosy. The incident is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew, and says that once a leper came to Jesus, knelt before him, and asked him for a relief to ‘make him clean'. It was at this request that Jesus Christ touched him (a person with leprosy was untouchable) and made him clean. Immediately, he was cured of his leprosy.

4. Raising from the dead

An incident in which people saw that Jesus is extremely kind and compassionate is this one. Once when Christ was in Nain, he saw a funeral procession in front of him. He also got to know that the dead man was the only son of a widow, and the loss of her son left her without any means to support herself. Seeing her pitiful state, Jesus said to a deceased body, ‘Young man, I say to you, get up!'. And right then the dead man sat up and began to talk, and Jesus gave him back to his mother.

5. Fed 5000 people with five loaves of bread

Another amazing miracle performed by Jesus was when he fed an entire town with just two loaves of bread. It is said that Jesus was in a remote place and a large crowd had come to hear him preach. As the day went ahead, the people started to get hungry. Seeing this, Jesus asked his disciples to buy some food. Unfortunately, as the town was extremely remote, they could only find 5 loaves of bread and two fishes. When the disciples grew worried looking at the crowd of people, Jesus Christ asked them to not worry. Jesus then blessed and broke the loaves and fish and all of a sudden it multiplied and was enough to feed everyone present, and there were even leftovers.

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