Father’s Day: 7 Important Roles Fathers Play

In acknowledgement of this year's father's day let me remind us all of how important the patriarchal role of a Dad or Father is in our homes and in the society at large.

7 Important Roles ONLY FATHERS can play in every home

1. Provision:
Fathers provide for the family. That's why they're called the bread winners of the home.

2. Protection:
Fathers protect and defend the family, especially from intrusion and invasion.

3. Leadership, Guidance & Direction:
Fathers lead the family. That's why they're called the head of the home.

4. Foresight & Prophecy:
Fathers are gifted with foresight and they can see the future, where and in what direction the family is headed. They prophesy positively into the lives of their children.

5. Discipline & Control:
Fathers instill discipline in their children. Children who grow up in homes that have fathers tend to have better disciplinary tendencies in their characters & behavior.

6. Orderliness & Organization:
Orderliness and organization are gifted within the family by fathers.

7. Care:
Like the quote that says, no love is comparable to a mother's love and no care is comparable to a father's care.

Now take note,
Some Mother's often try quite much to play some of these patriarchal roles to their children but only Dads or Fathers can play these roles naturally.
That's why every home needs a Father.
To all good male folks out there, Try to be a Father to at least one home that needs a father's presence you today. Not only your home but also other homes.

Last updated on July 11th, 2024 at 12:26 am

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