5 signs your partner is seeking lust, not love

Being in a delusion that your partner is happily in love with you, is not healthy.

Often when we love someone, we tend to think that they reciprocate our feelings, when in reality they do not. And this behaviour becomes very evident with some clear signs.

These signs are also huge red flags that indicate your partner isn't in a committed relationship with you for love.

And so, we have listed a few red flags that will help you identify if your partner is with you for their lust.

1. Superfast feelings
You have to admit it. Love takes time. Like all other good things, love requires two people to know each other, understand and trust each other. But if one immediately claims to have fallen in love overnight, it's not entirely true. True intimacy develops only after a minimum period of time.

2. Never texting back
If your partner is ghosting and not texting you back when you need them, you might have to rethink your decisions. Your partner should be available for you whenever you need them, except in any case of emergencies. Adequate communication is a necessity to flow into a relationship that your partner simply doesn't want to do. And that means they're only after pleasure.

3. Initiatives from your side
You will notice that your partner is never the one to initiate phone calls, texts or even meet-ups because, in all honesty, they are least interested. They probably don't want anything to do outside of the bedroom with you. So they will hardly initiate any dates or trips with you.

4. Manipulative attitude
Your partner will always seek to control you according to their benefit. And unconsciously, you will also find yourself doing whatever they want. This is because you want to see them happy but they do not want the same. They will ask you to change your schedule or time that fits them best and even be mysterious when you ask them anything.

5. Arguments and fights
They will appear ready to end fights and arguments without arriving at any solution. They will wait for you to approach them because it's quite clear that you're the one who will suffer by not talking. If your partner resists indulging in a healthy debate every time, they don't love you.

Last updated on July 15th, 2024 at 11:41 pm

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