Zozibini Tunzi reacts to the 71st Miss Universe winner (Video)



Zozibini Tunzi reacts to the 71st Miss Universe winner (Video)

Zozibini Tunzi reacts to the winner of the 71st Miss Universe on the 15th in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The former Miss Universe shared a video of her reaction while Miss USA R’Bonney Gabriel got crowned as the winner.

Zozi who rooted for Miss SA Ndavi Nokeri congratulated R’Bonney for being crowned and welcomed her to the sisterhood.

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Zozi took to her comment to slam people’s criticising the Miss USA win.

I’m sorry but you’re wrong for this. The crown is for USA because she won it. There’s nothing anyone can say to change that. I can understand how upsetting it is when someone you are rooting for doesn’t win. What I cannot understand is why people go out of their way to hurt the person who wins. I’m not singling out your comment to attack you, I just see that it’s one of many and wanted to use it to address this because it happens every year. If you are a supporter of women and a Miss Universe fan please do better.”

“You know kindness goes a long way in this space. This constant bullying of title holders because you’re upset your favorite didn’t win is getting out of hand. This is an ongoing toxic culture that I can never be in support of. Again, sending love to all the women and countries that didn’t win including my own. We try again next year because this year was USAs for the taking and she is very much deserving,” she added.



Last updated on May 24th, 2023 at 05:31 am

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