Whitemoney In Hot Water After Unpopular Revelation

When you are a celebrity you can get away with many things. This must have been the thought on Hazel Oyeze Onou a.k.a Whitemoney's mind when he revealed in a podcast interview about how he treats his staff. But he got it all wrong.

And hell was let loose on him faster than he could blink an eyelid.

The reality TV star told EchoRoom, a podcast that he pays his staff five years in advance in salary. As if that wasn't worth gasping about enough he also claimed he has a staff strength of 150 people. Even the interviewer had to do a doubletake to keep a straight face.

His reason, “Yes it is true. I operate on that system because it helps me take my mind off things, because I'm a multi-versatile person, I do a lot of things and I can easily get carried away.”

Then he was asked how many staff members he has. He replied, “Currently 150.”

The comment section went to overdrive with an overkill intent. Even those who could fathom the BBNaija winner having a staff of 150 could not veil their sarcasm well enough. For others, it was open season for them as shots of all sorts were fired at him.

Some reactions

@jacqmiracle, “Whitemoney and white lies are like 5 & 6..

@viola_concept lienus, “5 years in advance? Common . No one even pays one year in advance.”

@petezslim, “ This one just go podcast go Dey lie up and down , you fit get 1,000,000 staff self but saying you have paid them 5 years in advance, stop na , stop.”

@beata_likela, “This lie is out of this world. I don't believe any employee would prefer to be paid a lump sum of 5 years' salary and continue working without receiving anything on a monthly basis for a consecutive 5 year period. So, no increments for 5 years, or are the anticipated increments already included in the 5 years payment package? Is he responsible for making the payments himself? Why not employ someone to make the payment too.”

Last updated on July 24th, 2024 at 06:54 am

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