“This movie opened up old wounds” – Anita Okoye gets emotional after watching “The Wait” Movie

Anita Okoye, the ex-wife of singer Paul Okoye is on a roller coaster of emotions as she reflects on her old wounds.

The mother of three revealed that while watching the movie, The Wait, she couldn’t help but be emotional as the movie script was similar to her life experience.

The wait is a 2021 Nigerian faith-based movie about how a devoted doctor helped a desperate couple to find a baby.

The movie storyline is no doubt similarly to Anita Okoye’s, who waited for years before welcoming another child.

It is no longer news that Anita Okoye had 4 miscarriages before welcoming her twins, Nathan and Nadia.

Bearing this in mind, Anita revealed that her wounds were reopened after watching the movie, while noting that she is a living testimony.

“This movie had me on a roller coaster of emotions… Having gone through 4 miscarriages myself, it undoubtedly reopened closed wounds.

But look at me today!!

There really is purpose in #Tbe Wait and it truly is #WorthTheWait.

I am aware that occasionally the silence can be unbearably loud… Trust that God, in his infinite mercy will NEVER forsake you.

And it truly is a privilege to #WaitonGod I am living testimony!!”.


Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 10:15 pm

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