“One day, tables will turn” – Comedian Okon Lagos sends message to those who engage in electoral violence

Nollywood actor and comedian, Ime Bishop Umoh better known as has sent a powerful message to people who engage in electoral violence in the country in order to favour their preferred candidate.

There have been a series of bad reports across states on how political thugs have been rocking havoc on law-abiding citizens who stepped out to exercise their civic rights.

Weighing in on the ongoing electoral violence, Okon Lagos took a swipe at thugs and political godfathers who are in the realm of affairs sabotaging things thereby causing citizens to lose hope.

Tagging his post with “One day”, Okon Lagos told them the tables will turn against them soon and they will be at the receiving end of what they are dishing out.

He wrote: “If you are part of the person(s) or system that works overtime and tirelessly hard to make Nigerians continually loose faith in Nigeria… the unworkability of Nigeria is working for you today, I tell you this: One day, in not a distant time, tables will turn. You too will b at the receiving end of oppression”.

Last updated on March 26th, 2023 at 06:52 am

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