Mohale Motuang’s reality show on the way

Mohale Motuang's reality show on the way

Mohale Motaung is cooking another project with Moja Love.

It's been reported that the actor bagged a reality show deal with the channel.

Mohale has been consistently shaming his trolls with the recent happening in his life.

From launching his own lounge to showing off his Bentley, to Somizi withdrawing the divorce case and now a reality show on the way.

A source revealed that the show will disclose much about Motaung's life.

“This will be a tell-all of his life, from family, relationships, work, and everything in between,” he says.

“Mohale opens up more to his fans. He is always so reserved but this time, he has fun with friends and just lets loose.”

Last updated on March 26th, 2023 at 06:47 am

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