LYRICS: Bukunmi Ft. Tatiana Manaois – Happy Girl

Bukunmi Ft. Tatiana Manaois – Happy Girl Lyrics

We don’t even talk anymore
Looking like our love was all shades of wrong
You don’t even love me at all cause it means say
you are sorry every time you are wrong

When your bad man is going cham, you want a bad girl who like to turn up
I learnt to roll your rizzler now i am chocking and smoking you ain’t here no more
A happy girl singing sad songs
Mama said is so far gone, like you took my life and gave me yours

I heard you found a new girl now
Living life like we have both planned
But i am still busy with sad songs
I wondered if you ever loved me

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Cause you said that I’d be your number one
And then we were over and done (ever and done)
How could you let go so soon
I guess seeing your heart there was no room

For me to ever give my love (Couldn’t give my love)
All i ever did was try to be whatever you say you need

(Tatiana Manaois)
But i know that it will only made me loose my way (it made me loose my way babe)

And i heard you have found a new girl now
And you are living life and moving on when i am still here with these sad songs
Licking molly till i trun blue
To ri ti re mo le tin ja kung fu (because of you i can fight kung fu)

You played me for a fool though
Everything I will do, i will do it for you (i will do it for you)
You said it’s you not me
I am trying to understand what the hell that means

You could’t even try at least
To give me a simple reason why you had to leave (why would you leave)
I heard you stop smoking loud
Now cause she said she no like am

Cause she loves you in a way i can’t
But i no fit stop stop, i nor know why
Cause e dey help me control my mind
Doctor said i fit die now

Can you even hear yourself, can you
It’s not about you, it’s about me
What do you mean it’s about you not me
I just don’t feel us no more

How could you even say you don’t feel us no more
Can we, Can i, i need some space okay
Love me, teach me, tell me
I need some space

I say i fit die for your matter
But mama on hold on phone for your matter
You said church girl no be your type
I turned club girl all night for your matter

Happy girl singing sad songs (yeh yeh)
Got me crying all night long (yeh yeh)
Where did i ever go wrong (yea yea)

Happy girl singing sad songs
Mama said i was far gone
He took my life and gave me yours (yeah yeah)



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