Dating In Nigeria Vs The UK: The Harsh Reality Explained

Naija Dating:

Dating in Nigeria is pretty much straightforward. If you are having any serious issues dating in Nigeria, your pocket might easily be the root cause of your challenge. Nigerian women will always give you a leeway/soft-landing if you have the financial strength. For example, most women don't find short men desirable, but as long as his bank account makes sense, he is seen as tall. If the woman sees the mere flashes of money in any form, you stand a good chance of being her man. I also understand that a small percentage of Nigerian women might be an aberration to the norm.

On the contrary, the majority of them are the same. Get a good apartment, nice clothes, look clean/good, acquire a nice car, switch up your interpersonal skills, buy a trending mobile phone brand and watch wonders happen. A senior nurse I know in the UK reportedly nailed several Nigerian ladies to the cross courtesy of his exotic Mercedes Benz car. These women erroneously believed he was rich not knowing he acquired the ride via a gradual payment plan known as ‘car finance'.

In Nigeria, every man is like a superstar as long as you have a few coins to spare. The dating market is also oversaturated. It is crowded with males of different ages. Youths, bachelors, married men, grannies and all sorts of people are players and the woman is the prize. The men keep dangling different sizes of carrots to attract the women even when she is married. Some women are freelancers offering pleasure services to various establishments. This is why paternity fraud is prevalent in Nigeria.

UK dating:

The UK dating pool is more complicated than the current minimum wage debate in Nigeria. Although money plays a role in this terrain, the kind of money you need to make an impression is huge. You need the funds of a first-class/global entrepreneur or that of an established sportsman like the EPL footballers or Anthony Joshua, to have a massive impact. A Hushpuppi-like figure might also pull the strings. This is because most of the women are very comfortable to a large extent. They are not at the mercy of a physically -staggering leader like Tinubu.

Petty demands like a new phone, car gift, clothes, house rent payment, food, pocket money and others are against the run of play. Such demands are mostly peculiar to ladies who are newly from Africa, the headquarters of ‘billing'. If a woman is attracted to you, and admires your profile or oratory skills, she might offer you the forbidden fruit like the biblical snake. The major limitation here is the skin colour and other ethnic considerations. People from other cultural backgrounds hardly mix. They only relate with one another on a professional level at work. There is a significant problem of distrust amongst people over here. While the wealthy men gallivant around in Nigeria, the ones in the UK live in fear of being taken advantage of by a hustling woman. One allegation of sexual abuse could make your seeming opulence evaporate.

The advantage here is that sex could be cheaply offered due to the pressure of the cold weather and loneliness. You might do anything with the body but never own the heart.

Osahon George Osayimwen is a UK-based Nigerian journalist

Last updated on July 10th, 2024 at 11:47 pm

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