Lady Du – “Music made me successful”

Lady Du – “Music made me successful”

Lady Du expresses excitement about her beauty saloon which has become another source of income.

The musician says she put her career on hold to achieve the dream of being a salon owner.

“For 3 months straight I cut down on performing and focused on a project I've wanted my whole life, I bought a house and redesigned it into what I wanted! The spa/salon I've always wanted, as a qualified beautician myself I've always wanted a salon since I have the qualifications,” she wrote.

Du further declared that she is back to focusing on her music career, and she will start the tour soon.

“Today after 3 months of ups and downs I can officially say I'm back to my old self, I'll be focusing on my music and performing. Currently working on my international tour.”

Lady Du claims music made her successful despite being educated; she urged people to invest in themselves like she's done.

“To all of you that think it can't be done here is a testimony!!! Your talent can fund any of your dreams!!! I'm educated but music made me successful. My education is what's helping me walk with wisdom and not pressure may God bless you guys too. May grace fall upon you. Follow your dreams!!! Invest in yourselves.”

Last updated on March 26th, 2023 at 07:15 am

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