Fans drag Portable for praising his first wife after catching his second wife cheating on him

Fans drag Portable for praising his first wife after catching his second wife cheating on him

Popular singer, Portable has been trending on social media after he accused his second wife of cheating on him.

NaijaChoice Media reported hours ago that the singer had leaked his wife’s chat with her bestfriend turn lover. In the chat, the mother of one had professed love for Portable as she revealed that she wanted to abort their son at first before a pastor kicked against it.

Following the betrayal, Portable had taken to his Instagram story to sing his first wife, Zainab’s praises.

The singer shared loved-up photos with his first wife and mother of two of his children. Hailing her as a real woman and a queen, the father of four praised her for being a blessing to him and for respecting him.

Describing Zainab as his tomorrow, Portable advised his fans to respect who respects them.

In a subsequent post, the father of four took to his Instagram page to flaunt his wife.

Storming his comment section, his fans slammed him for valuing his wife only after he got betrayed.

One Princess Porsh wrote, “Na when one woman don fuck up. Man dey know the value of wetin him get hmmm. Na now u know say she be God woman. Men should do better and give some women. Kudos without letting something make them give kudos to their main main

One MV Chavhairline wrote, “So you know this before you go give another person belle? Olorun mu e! Una no dey ever take what you dish out. You get fine wife like go carry awo jigini give am belle. Na you pregnant her o! Is your pregnant

One Kaybee pearl wrote, “Na now you no say you go dey appreciate am Abi

One Baddie Flourish wrote, “Awwnn am so happy for the two of you jawe. Don’t mind that yeye other side chick. Enjoy yourselves jawe

One Midey wrote, “Na now portable dey appreciate him wife

One Mhercie wrote, “You guys with putting problems on yourselves. You have a very good wife already then you went ahead to draw problem problem to yourself. Now see the result…men be contented

One King Ronke wrote, “Men hen oo wetin your eyes go find outside. Your eyes see now back to your base

One Gaskia Youngwave wrote, “If u don’t know the value of what u have. Na ti ur eyes see shegay. Ur eyes go clear u go come value what u have

One Baby Mandy wrote, “Truth be told this girl is so patient. And that’s why she has his heart”.

Last updated on March 26th, 2023 at 06:52 am

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