#BBTitans: Lukay and Ipeleng caught having s*x (Video)

#BBTitans: Lukay and Ipeleng caught having sex (Video)

BBTitans housemates, and Ipeleng become the first among their colleagues to have sex in Big Brother's house.

The duo who started showing signs of intimacy earlier in the afternoon by kissing in public consummated their bond in the evening.

#BBTitans: Lukay and Ipeleng caught having sex (Video)

This may come as a shock to many BBTitans viewers and even some of the other housemates, as Lukay and Ipeleng are one of the most gentle.

The two South Africans were caught having sex in the garden after the Pool party on Thursday night.

#BBTitans: Lukay and Ipeleng caught having sex (Video)

Marvin, Jaypee and Yvonne, and some others witnessed the performance after the noise from the scene caught their attention.

Ipeleng and Lukay could be seen entering the bathroom together afterwards and disposing of the used condom.

Watch the video below …

Last updated on March 29th, 2023 at 01:10 am

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