‘You Tie Smelly Wrapper, Smelly Private Part, Yet Want S3x From Your Husband’ – Lady


'You Tie Smelly Wrapper, Smelly Private Part, Yet Want S3x From Your Husband' - Lady


‘You Tie Smelly Wrapper, Smelly Vagina, Yet Want Doggie Style From Your Husband

Controversial London based Vlogger, Sade Ebonylips has come again with her sermon of teaching women on how to better their married lives.


Though she is always harsh but she says the truth the way it is.In this her new video, she talks about housewives who always tie wrappers, cook with the wrapper, and still expect hot S3x from their husbands even if the wrapper or Vagina is smelling.

She admonishes housewives to take care of themselves so that slay queens outside won’t take their husbands away from them.

Hear her:

“Idiotic housewives, mumu housewives, na you I de talk to, wetin you wan do? I go tell you the truth, onyeara, your husband go leave home, he go see you with wrapper, he go come home, he go see you with wrapper, the wrapper wey you cook egusi soup and onions, you don clean the house with the same wrapper, your husband go come meet you for house with the same wrapper wey you tie, and you say your husband is not romantic, how he wan romance you when the wrapper dey smell. Your armpits dey smell, why now? And you want your husband to give you a new S3x style, make your husband bend you in the kitchen and come de give you doggie style for your nyash, when you de tie the same wrapper wey de smell, your Vagina too de smell. Aunty, go sort yourself out o. Because all dem girls outside go help you……”


See reactions as many are hailing her for speaking out the ‘truth’.

But an Instagram user, graceawasa, questioned her on why she’s always attacking women:

‘Why are you always attacking women? I love you but tired of seeing you putting women down all the time and advocating for everyone to have a husband or live their lives satisfying men.. Women fought and died for your right to speak today as a woman, most or all of these women were not house wives. You want to be an house wife? great for you but there are a lot of great women out there who don’t depend on satisfying men or getting married to have a life. please use this opportunity and platform to reach women in a positive way. How would you feel your two beautiful daughters would only live their lives satisfying men? Are you telling me that Queen Elizabeth there hasn’t accomplished anything even though her husband live to make her happy and takes orders from her?’

The way she demonstrates the Doggy style in kitchen is funny.

What do you think? Is she making sense?



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