‘You Are A Sidekick, Used & Dumped By PMB’ – Reno Omokri Replies Aisha Yesuf

'You Are A Sidekick, Used & Dumped By PMB' - Reno Omokri Replies Aisha Yesuf

Reno Omokri Replies Aisha Yesufu: ‘You Are A Frustrated Sidekick’

1-A frustrated sidekick to another frustrated ‘beggar with receipt’ has lied that I profited from my #FreeLeahSharibu campaign. If anybody anywhere on Earth has given me a dime on behalf of Leah Sharibu, speak now or forever remain silent

2-I wrote a book, Leah Sharibu: the Girl Boko Haram left behind. Although there is NOTHING wrong if I kept my profit, I did not. I donated EVERY PENNY I made from the book to Leah’s mother, via the Christian Association of Nigeria

3-I made #FreeLeahSharibu T-Shirts with my money. I asked those who bought them to pay DIRECTLY to Leah’s father. If anybody anywhere in the world bought a T-Shirt and paid to me, speak NOW or forever remain silent!

4-You and your fellow beggar with receipt have been used and dumped by General @MBuhari. Face him. Leave me alone. If you can’t help #FreeLeahSharibu, then don’t hurt it with lies. I am not like you guys that go begging @Elrufai at night!

#5-Here is an audio of Leah Sharibu’s father thanking me and acknowledging that these allegations by these frustrated agents of General @MBuhari are false. I urge this frustrated side kick to know that I am not like her ‘beggar with receipt’

6-You and your fellow beggar with receipt are not assisting Leah’s parents. Yet, you are traumatising them by raising false allegations to score political points. Do you have a conscience? Do you know the pain you are causing this family?

7-I have a tough skin. I have faced and defeated stronger opponents than you and your frustrated beggar with receipt. But, think of Leah’s family. Think of the trauma your lies are causing. God won’t hold you guiltless.

8-Finally, I vow to pay ₦50 million to anyone who can produce a shred of evidence that I profited from #FreeLeahSharibu. I‘ve sent my bank statements to @APOSTLESULEMAN to prove I have the money ready!

'You Are A Sidekick, Used & Dumped By PMB' - Reno Omokri Replies Aisha Yesuf

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