Writing Your Music: A Basic Guide for Beginners


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It’s not always possible to convey everything you need through visible images – that’s when sound comes in handy. It makes everything more atmospheric, while watching a match for 22Bet in-play betting, and lets you set the mood before any event. To create great music, you have to know how to work with it.

What Is Sound Design?

Sound design is the art of creating sounds, noises, and effects. It’s used to creatively create new sounds for video games, movies, voices, and music. Sound is an important final element to immerse the audience in the atmosphere of what is happening. There are an unlimited number of ways to create it. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Foley, the art of creating sounds in the studio that mimic the sounds that exist in a fictional world, the world of film.
  • Recording real sounds and completely modifying them in the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), a computer sound program, using various audio effects to get the sound you want.
  • Using various synthesizers and effects, both hardware and software.

Examples of Sound Design in Cinematography

Here is how sound design works in different world-famous movies:

  • King Kong, 1933. To get Kong’s scream, they slowed down the playback speed of the animal recording tape.
  • Star Wars, 1977. Ben Burtt spent a year experimenting with sound. And instead of using synthesizers, he used everything he could from the world of real sounds, from running engines to banging on metal surfaces. Even now, the sounds of Star Wars are a trademark of the sci-fi world.
  • The Matrix, 1999. The movie used mostly digital sounds, created with computer effects and synthesizers, for greater depth of immersion.
  • Transformers, 2007. Mixing the sound of synthesizers with live recordings of clicks, switches, levers, and machine industrial sounds resulted in those very distinctive robot sounds.

What Do You Need to Know to Write Your Music?

To write your music, you should have the following skills:

  • A sense of harmony and rhythm, a sense of genre nuances, and a listening ear.
  • Ability to build an arrangement and knowledge of the basics of recording and synthesizing sounds.
  • Knowledge of musical timbres and acoustic instruments.
  • Skills in working with audio programs.
  • Skills in playing instruments.

Key Programs You Need


The program is a recording system consisting of three main elements – a synthesizer, a mixer and a sequencer. It has built-in pads for creating beats. This tool has the same functionality as professional recording and music processing programs.


It’s an audio editor of compact size. It doesn’t require a mandatory installation on your computer, as it is able to work online. The primary advantage of the program is its ease of use. It’s complemented by the automation of repetitive operations and the ability to control through hotkeys. As a result, you can master Wavosaur in a few minutes.

Avid Pro Tools

Pro Tools is a standard in the recording industry. That makes it easy to send your projects to studios around the world, and you can be sure that you won’t have any problems opening them – Pro Tools is everywhere.

Choosing Pro Tools, you should be prepared for two things: a long study of the interface because of its complexity for beginners, and also work only with AAX-plugins. If the first isn’t a problem, the second can become critical – not all external processing exists in this format.


DarkWave Studio

It’s a versatile workstation for processing and recording music. This tool is distinguished by its broad functionality, which is complemented by several important advantages:

  • Recorder with a large number of tracks.
  • High-quality 64-bit sound processing.
  • Support for multiple audio file formats.

The main disadvantages of the product are the difficulty of mastering and the lack of detailed accompanying documentation. Therefore, the user will have to understand the intricacies of the program independently.

Cockos Reaper

Cockos Reaper has been existing for over 10 years, but only now it became more or less popular among musicians. The developers claim that the commercial component worries them much less than the quality of work and it’s true: Reaper costs only $60, but can do everything that more expensive and promoted DAWs can do.

Besides the price, it’s worth allocating a rich complete set of the program, which comes with a set of excellent plugins and effects – this will be more than enough for recording and mixing.

MAGIX Music Maker

Lightweight software for recording at home. It’s suitable for DJs and novice musicians. It also has many features for setting up your audio composition and capturing content from your microphone or headset.


A popular mini-recording studio that can work efficiently on PCs with poor performance. Besides a small load on the processor, it has several other advantages:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Ability to connect different formats and extensions, including ReWire, VST or ASIO.
  • Note-taking via the computer keyboard.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is part of Creative Cloud and is the right tool for processing, linking, and restoring audio material. You can use it for both single-track and multitrack editing.

The software contains collections of melodies for cartoons, sound effects for arcade and modern games, and comic presets. There is also an option to remove background noise, unwanted echo, and combine several sources into one audio track.


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