Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Parents’ House When You Are Not Capable (Opinion)


Yes, I Owe My Parents Everything, I Mean Everything


Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Parents’ House When You Are Not Capable

I’m here to tackle the trending question on social media which goes as “At What Age Should An Adult Leave Their Parents’ House?”. Forgive my English cause I’m a drop out. Lolx


Read through almost all the comments on that thread and all I can say is most NC members are just chasing clout… Bloody liars.

Some said they left their parents house age 17,20 and 22! Oh continue! You left your parent house to where.? Your own rented apartment? Or to squart with a friend or cousin? Or to live under the bridge?. Tell us! What is a 17yrs old doing to survive? You be footballer or you be musician? And to the ladies commenting a man should leave at least before clocking 25yrs.. Your senior bro who is 25yrs or above is still living with your parent and yet you’re advising innocent soul on this faceless forum to leave their parent.
Why do we all chose to lie to hurt people reading comments to learn and grab a few hint?

How many guys within 22-30yrs old doing legit can boost of 100k in their account? How many are gainful employed? How many of them are you patronizing their businesses?


Kings life is no competition, live and let’s live, don’t let no one pressure you into depression, been that road and back… Yes there is nothing wrong being with your parents till 30yrs or more, there’s more to this life than just faking reality!

There are men who are building their own house from their parent home! As long as your parent house provides you a room, abeg save money!




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