“Why You Must Do A DNA Test On Your First Child” (Opinion)


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“Why You Must Do A DNA Test On Your First Child”

In recent times there have been a frenzy over DNA test and this is as a result of several stories of ladies having babies for men they are not married to and allowing their husbands to raise another man’s child…. Some men have gone to their grave not knowing that the child they call theirs actually belong to another man.

Be it as it may, do you know that many first pregnancy of married ladies are actually a carry over from a previous relationship?, as a mater of fact, many ladies sleep with their ex before marrying their husbands and if they get pregnant, they simply pin it on their husbands and the unsuspecting husbands will gladly celebrate another man’s pregnancy…

Some unmarried ladies even pin a pregnancy on their boyfriends when they know that the pregnancy belongs to another man.

So if you have a first child that does not have any similar trait with you or if you doubt the paternity at any point please do a DNA test discretely because many first born are as a result of carry over pregnancy.

You may say it is costly to have a test done but trust me, it is more expensive financially and psychologically to spend years ignorantly taking care of a child that is not yours, the shock has sent many men to early grave so even if there is no big deal in taking care of another man’s child at least it makes sense to be aware.

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