Why Osinbajo Is More Active Than Buhari

Nigerian columnist, Rick Martin has written on the biting political issues across the country as we head into an election season. Why Osinbajo Is More Active Than Buhari
There is saying that two heads are better than one. Actually it’s false when you compare what we have in Nigeria to other countries leadership structures. What we have in Nigeria is one good head in Osinbajo and another bad head in Buhari as a result, the two heads are better than one does not apply here.

This is premise on the successive success he has achieved during his occasional stincts as the Acting President. Looking at the Offa Robbery and seemingly incompetence and politicization that has dodged the occurrence courtesy of a massive incompetent man called Ibrahim Idris.

It would have been another kettle of fish if Osinbajo is Nigeria’s President. He would have wielded the big stick on Idris for his poor handling and politicization of this incidence. Several months after the killings, no one has been arraigned for this rather the prime suspect died under the watchful eyes of Idris which is a setback to enforcement of justice in this democratic era.

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Why is it that the IGP has continued to act as a cog in the wheel of our nascent democracy. First in Anambra, later In Benue, now in Akwa Ibom. In Akwa Ibom, Idris believes 5 members of the state house of assembly is greater than 21 and the state has been thrown into anarchy.

Why the unending politicization of the NPF by this man that naturally should have proceeded on leave as he is due for retirement in few months time.

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Let’s forget his kangaroo assumption to the exalted office of the Inspector General of Police, let’s forget his ignoble role in the spurious 2m votes Buhari garnered in Kano in 2015, let’s forget his poor handling of the eventual murder and arson of the Kano state REC and let’s forget his transmission, transmission.. Lol

Can we ask ourselves why Ibrahim Idris is still the IGP despite his incompetence and politicization of the Nigerian Police? Can we start with the poor welfare of officers of the NPF under Idris that made them protest recently in Imo?? Why is it that their welfare is not taken care of? Why is it that the IGP is personally pocketing over 1 Billion Naira annually from fees of police officers on special duty of which he has Ben running away from NASS probe? Why did Ibrahim Idris order the arrest of DEJI Adeyanju for protesting against the politicization of the NPF.

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Why is President Buhari overlooking all his inadequacies. Daura did not do half of this before Osinbajo fired him. Is Buhari too weak to deal with Ibrahim Idris? Osinbajo has shown several times he is the better part of this pair and Uta disgusting to say the least that we have an incompetent man as the President.

This is a red flag to National Security and the 2019 elections. President Buhari must not allow an incompetent man like Idris around him, if he is doing that then it speaks volumes about his leadership abilities and should learn from Osinbajo.

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