“Why My Boyfriend Left Me” – Young Lady Reveals

“Signs Your Relationship Is Over Before It Is Officially Over”
Did I Push Him Away With My Attitude?
this is a long post but please read till the end.

My bf just broke up with me over what he termed incompatibility. This guy and I have been together for two years and we both loved each other. It was a long-distance relationship, he stays in Lagos while I schooled in another town in the west. I had no problem with the distance because I’m not the attention-craving type and I like my space.

He’s a complete extrovert, while I’m an introvert(not to the extreme though) and this has been an issue most of the time. He complains that I’m too quiet and not on the same social level as him. I don’t do social media like that while he’s uploading new pictures every minute. I also didn’t like the fact that he relates too well with girls; he had a lot of female friends and easily socializes with new ones. Well, I blended with that so well as I didn’t see any trace of unfaithfulness in him.

Fast forward to late last year, there was a breakdown in our communication, he stopped calling and chatting as he used to, I asked him what the matter was but he said there’s nothing. I was a bit scared if something went wrong with him and I asked again after some days, that was when he said he would tell me when the time comes, so I stopped asking. With all the signs he showed me, my mind was telling me he wanted a breakup but I didn’t ask him further as I was preparing for my final exam and him breaking up with me that period would leave me devastated so I focused on my exam with the hope that after then, we would talk about it.

After my exam, I sent him a text apologizing and asked us to continue as we were but he didn’t reply. He invited me over to his place and that was when he told me he’s no longer interested in the relationship, that he has no feelings for me again. He gave one thousand and one reasons for us not to be together anymore. He said I’m less expressive, I agree with anything he says and does and that during the break in our communication, I didn’t make efforts to find out why he did so and challenge him. Funnily enough, I didn’t react when he told me, I just said it’s all right as I envisaged it earlier. With the reasons he gave me, my heart was broken and felt there was no need to push further. He was surprised with how calm I was when he told me, personally, I don’t believe in forcing someone to love me.

I moved on well but after a week when I was alone and reflecting, the feeling of guilt overwhelmed me that I probably pushed him away with my seemingly “not too caring” attitude. I see myself with him and I never thought we could separate. I showed love and care in my how way and in the best way, I know-how. I did love him wholeheartedly and he knew it but he seemed unable to cope with my private/ less emotional lifestyle.
Naijachoicelites, did I actually push him away?

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