Why Are People In These Professions Very Rude? (Opinion)


Why Are People In These Professions Very Rude? (Opinion)

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Why Are People In These Professions Very Rude?

i understand that been rude and impolite is something personal but looking around, some professions habour large number of these rude and stern set of peeps and it makes me wonder..

1.Nurses; I recently went to a general hospital to see a friend and seeing the way these nurses handle patients makes me wonder if hostility is part of the nursing curriculum being taught in nursing school… A particular patient was screaming of pains and these nurses were just glued to their plasma television watching zeeworld..

I understand the work load is quite cumbersome but does that justify thier carlous attitude towards people they are meant to take care of…
Why Are People In These Professions Very Rude? (Opinion)
2. Bankers; epecially the ones in the customer care stand…their attitude can be very annoying.

3. Nepa staff; hmmmm these ones ehn, their ear is selectively non receptive to the word “abeg”…most especially the ones assigned to disconnect light.


4. Doctors; though a few medical doctors are nice, there is still a large chunk of very rude medical doctors..u see them operating phone and chatting when a patient is right before them struggling for life.

This is not to say there aren’t nice and dedicated staff in the above listed profesionals but a very good number of them are, in summary, quite rude to say the least..

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