When Did You Decide That The Relationship Was Over?


How My Two Year Old Marriage Crashed Because Of This

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When Did You Decide That The Relationship Was Over?

Good day everyone!!

Most people in relationships believe that a relationship ends the day one party call it quit. But that’s far from the truth. An average relationship that ended didn’t end that day, it probably ended few days, months or years before οΏ½. So why didn’t the person just call it quit that same day?

It’s mainly because the party involved just wants time to enjoy the benefits they’ve been enjoying. It may be the gifts, money, S3x, the trips etc.


So let me share mine. I was dating this girl sometime ago and it was going on very well. So I was in her house on this particular day and we were arguing about something that has to do with the male and female gender. I’m an unapologetic alpha male and I support my gender with all I have but this was a problem with her. She said something that annoyed me so I told her I was going home. The next thing madam said was “who the hell do you think you are? Every time you’d just be getting angry as if you’re God”�♀️ As if that wasn’t enough she pushed me out of her apartment and told me “get out of my house and go and die�♀️“.

As a gentleman I didn’t say anything but deep down I knew the relationship was over but I didn’t end it that day or week or month.

So when did you know that the relationship was over?


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