What Every Christian Youth Should Know About Sex

"I Don’t Enjoy Sex With My Husband. His Joystick  Is Too Big" – Wife Tells Court

What Every Christian Youth Should Know About Sex

Let’s consider 2 verses of the scripture.
1: 1cor.6;18
2: 2Tim.2;22

1 Corinthians 6:18
Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.

2 Timothy 2:22 Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

We live in a world where sex is celebrated in many ways; On bill boards, advertorials, vulgar language, dressing, etc. The perpetrators are mostly young people.

Sex was created by God for the main purpose of procreation and mutual pleasure and satisfaction.

The sex hormones in males is called TESTOSTERONE. While that in females are called OESTROGEN AND PROGESTERONE.


Sex Education can be defined as the introduction of sexual topics within an educational context.

Sex Education is very large.
Some topics that can be taught in this are;


Listen up everyone,
That your body will not itch for sex because you’re born again, is a fat lie.

Boys have an erection especially early in the morning for no reason sometimes.
Don’t be ashamed, it means you’re active and virile..

Girls have ovulation within which period their body will be doing them Paulina Paulina.
Don’t worry yourself girl, you’re normal.

However, between the various itches and sweet body we get, lies your DESTINY….
If you misfire at this time, there are very dangerous and regrettable mistakes you’ll make..

So, ZIP UP and do it with all your soul…

Note this,
Sex is not running.
You’ll soon be tired of seeing a naked penis or vagina.
Sometimes in marriage, it will stair at you and you’ll have no desire especially when you get caught up with the issues of life…

Note again,
God will not wear you an Angelic bra, so that guys won’t behold your boobs.
Big lie.
God won’t wear you an Angelic garment so that girls won’t crush on you.
Big lie.

The more they crush on you, the more you’re being prepared for the slaughter…
Someone is preying on your DESTINY


Note also, that Pastors think about sex just as you the floor member. Otherwise, our Pastors wives wouldn’t get pregnant.

There are certain facts you need to know about sex;
1) sex is permitted by God ONLY within the confines of the marriage institution.

If you’re doing otherwise, you’re a SEX THIEF..

2) Every act of sex goes with a consequence.
Sex is always tied with some kind of responsibility.

3) sex and Love are two different thing.
Sex is a desire or appetite, while Love is a decision and commitment.

4) sex does not make people to love each other.
Otherwise the world would have been a very lovely place.

5) If you marry because you have problems with sexual control, you’ll still commit adultery.

Sex is much more than putting an erect penis in to a willing vagina. Premarital sex is the major cause of the incessant and frequent cases of divorce we now have in society.

A vagina that is always ready to receive an erect penis will soon become as wide as river Niger and as deep a borehole.

An unguarded and uncontrolled erect penis is one of the key reasons why society is full of bastards, idiots and criminals.

Men actually go by what they see.
That’s why JOB prayed in JOB 31;1, It says:
“I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid?”

While Women go by what they hear..
That’s why ordinary simple I love you, you are beautiful etc, a girl is already falling in love.

Anyone you have sex with automatically transfers to you every spirit he or she has.
That’s why Joseph had an understanding and fled when his master’s wife wanted to cut short his destiny.

Sex is sweet.
After Jesus Christ, it is the next sweetest thing on Earth.
However, in between the sweetness, we have a five minutes pleasure that has destroyed Nations…
Let’s be careful..

Now, all fornicators are sex thieves like I said earlier.
1) There is guilt after sex.
2) There is fear of pregnancy.
3) If they’re in church they have daily confessions and secret fears. Etc

Just so much to talk about sex education but I have to end it here for now before it becomes boring to read….

Stay blessed, stay safe!

Credit: My mentor, pastor, teacher, coach PST DADDIE JOEL PhD.

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