“Very responsible woman” – Fans hail Wizkid’s Baby Mama Jada P for clarifying her statement following the release of Davido’s new album


jada pollock rights her wrongs after making several tweets on the eve of davidos new album kemi filani blog min scaled
praises are ringing in for singer, wizkid’s manager and mother of his two kids, jada pollock as she rights her wrongs.

the mother of two had gotten into trouble with davido’s fan over several insensitive tweets she made, which she has since deleted.

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jada pollock, had taken to her twitter page to promote wizkid’s album, more love less ego. the timing of the album promotion which coincidence with the eve of davido’s new album release left many believing that jada wanted to create enmity between the two artists.

jada pollock promoted wizkids album kemi filani blog min

seeing the massive backlash she received, jada reached out to an instagram blog, gossip mill, to plead with them to take down the post they made which created more enmity between the fans of the wizkid and davido.

noting how the blog has a urge platform, she urged them to use their power to encourage unity not hate.

jada pollock who went through the comment section noted how the posts have created more negative tweets and war among the fans.

wizkid’s manager, jada first acknowledged that today is davido’s day, hence, no one should steal his spotlight.

“today is davido’s day! let’s not take that away from him. after everything he has been through. you should be celebrating & supporting. as a big platform you have the power to encourage unity not hate. these posts are so negative and just emphasises the fan wars! do the right thing. it’s these narratives that are not allowing out sound to grow at the speed it needs. help afrobeats to win and take over the world. thank you for responding”.
jada pollock reaches out to gossip mill log to right her wrong kemi filani blog min

the blog shared screenshots of their conversation which has left many praising her.
one king bumi official wrote, “my love for wizkid and his entire crew and family just tripped right now right here… see matured people u will know

one bae unique wrote, “very responsible woman

one uncle dontee wrote, “at least when una jam matured civil!zed ladies una dey know them. this kind of woman at your side, nor worry, the world is yours. wife, mom, manager

one eli lovely wrote, “if she really wrote this, them i really respect her now. she is so right..it’s you bloggers like yourself and the rest of your like that promotes fan wars……

one jessie anadumaka wrote, “i’m seriously lost. i really want to know she was thinking before she twitted. all of a sudden she’s preaching peace? i don’t understand fr. why is she backing out? she should do these with her full chest. ego ndi ala!!!?”

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