‘Time For South – East Governors To Flush IPOB Out Of The Region’ (Opinion)

'Time For South - East Governors To Flush IPOB Out Of The Region' (Opinion)

‘Time For South – East Governors To Flush IPOB Out Of The Region’

From the destruction associated with this protest, its time the SE governors flush IPOB out of the region.
These touts and holigans that Nnamdi Kanu inspires wrecked havock in the eastern states.

Some of them are okada and keke riders, Some are Barrow pushers, some are touts without any skill or work, some are armed robbers, some are traders.

These uneducated bunch want to destroy the sweat of hardworking igbos. Some of these igbos started with nothing and have made something out of their lives.

While the touts who refuse to take responsibility for the choices they made in their life, want to use the protest to destroy the labour of others.

If INNOSON, IBETO, COSCHARIS ETC, folded their arms and was blaming the north for their poor background, they would not make anything out of their lives.

Nnamdi kanu who is a failure home and abroad, using Biafran stuggle to enrich himself. Cashing out on the emotions and sentiments of his gullible followers.

Telling failures like himself that someone in the North is responsible for their backwardness.

The Governors should:

1) Ensure that all keke, okada riders, barrow pushers, labourers and traders have identity and registration.

2) they have to sign undertaking that if for any reason any of their members engage in any thing that affects peace in the region. They will either fishout the IPOB members among them or the entire keke riders will be banned.

3) same goes with the traders. Any trader involved in IPOB activities, will cause the government to relocate the market to an uncomfortable place. Unless other traders fish them out.

The leaders of such groups will now have the responsibility for fishout IPOB members among them, before they spoil things for the rest of them.

That frustrated fraudster nnamdi kanu, who could not attend his parents burial out of fear, cant be causing problems for us.

A word is enough for the wise.


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