Things Every Lady Should Know Before 30 (Opinion)


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Things Every Lady Should Know Before 30

Disclaimer : This isn’t to bash women neither is it meant to surface gender war. I’m no expert on women affairs but quite well-informed. Thanks. Love from Mikester. cool

10 things ladies should know before 30.

1. Set your priorities straight

Women are more likely to view things from an emotional perspective than a logical one which in most cases make them to stick to some wrong choices consistently.

That’s why every sensible and wise lady should know how to chase her needs before her wants and to ensure to stick to that decision. Know thy needs young woman. The woman who knows how to set her priorities straight gets her heart desires.

2. Don’t be materialistic

Especially when you’re broke. A materialistic broke lady will not be able to prioritise wisely thus she’s bound to fall.

If you’re a materialistic lady, you will always want to have a lot which you don’t really need. You won’t think twice before buying expensive things (bone straight hair, 60k dress, e.t.c.) but will find it very difficult to invest in yourself.

It is only a while before you eventually turn your head towards prostitution or other illegal means to sustain your extravagant lifestyle. If you want to be materialistic, then be rich.

3. Don’t put your looks forward and your hygiene behind

Though some women prioritise their looks and hygiene, we still have some who do not really care because they somehow tend to believe that they will get admirers no matter what. They are the “take me as I am” crew but they fail to realise that for a lady, her body shape, quality and looks equates her self worth and will also determine the kind of men that will approach and cherish her.

Women, your body is your money, high value men prefer better looking and clean women. Don’t neglect that.

4. Be busy with something

Though you’re beautiful and have an attractive shape, you still need to engage in something. Don’t be idle. Don’t be a queen waiting on a king. Be a queen busy with her kingdom until her king arrives. Work and earn money and quit prostitution and idle living.

5. Do not depend on your man for everything

It’s disgusting when a woman tends to rely on her man for everything even her basic needs. Women like this won’t be kept around for long.

6. Shun feminism

Don’t be a feminist in your home if you want to have a healthy marriage, that will be lying to yourself and anyone who wants to be happy and successful shouldn’t lie to his or herself.

If you yearn for a successful and peaceful marriage, shun feminism as it is against it. Let feminism be for women who choose to be single.


Hate feminism till your last blood drops and you will enjoy a better marriage.

7. Hug feminity

Feminity is the power a woman have to get what she wants. Women who imitate men tend to be unhappy and ridiculed by society. Feminity aids a woman far beyond marriage as well.

A feminine woman is nice, humble and caring. The traits men love most in women. A man would rather fall for a feminine woman than a masculine woman because she makes him feel like a man the most and he’ll be eager to give in to her desires more than the other.

Moreover, a woman can’t change a man to favour her but her feminity can be a reason for him to change. Thus, she becomes happy and other women will see her as an inspiration.

8. Close your legs

Your body value determines the class of men that will approach you, the more you lose your value through S3x, the more serious high value men will despise you. Men study women. Men are watching you and most men will rather choose a v!rg!n whether primary or secondary over a slut. You know that. Deal with it.

Besides the fastest way for men to loose interest in you is by sleeping with you. When you give it to me today, Xenry tommorow, Slawormiir the day after and BadRadio the next week, you’re just giving the impression that you have less or no value which lowers your chance of getting or keeping better men.

9. Stop chasing bad boys and scornful men

For God sake, chasing people will always put you at a loss. Consider a man who sells yam at the road and sees Uncle Lalasticlala driving by and chases after him with a tuber of yam, begging him on arrival to purchase the yam.

If the yam’s original price was #1, 200, Uncle Lalasticlala will be at power to reduce the price to his own choice, perhaps as low as #500 which will make the man out of desperation to tender it to him leading to his sad loss BUT peradventure the man had opened a nice yam shop with an attractive display that lures people to it, he would sell at a much better price and may even find a better buyer.

Therefore my point is this, chasing people especially bad people will put you at a huge loss. You’ll have to follow their own terms to be accepted and what do most guys require from ladies? You’ll answer that yourself.

Besides studies have shown that being a bad boy is no longer perceived as cool. Chase a bad boy if you love to be taken advantage of.

As I said to the guys in my previous thread, so I’ll say, Don’t chase people man or woman, rather be yourself and invest in yourself more and the right people would come around you.

10. Invest in yourself

It will do you good and no evil. People who invest in themselves increase their value and are revered by society. Read more books than people’s statuses. Look more attractive, engage in something, add to your cooking skills, be hygienic as though no one has ever be hygiene before. Invest in yourself today.

Hope I’m making sense

Courtsey – Mikester


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