‘The Shocking Thing I Saw In My Father’s Wardrobe! Should I Be Worried?’


'The Shocking Thing I Saw In My Father's Wardrobe! Should I Be Worried?'

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My Father Has A Bat In His Wardrobe: Should I Be Worried?

Hello guys.. the background behind this story is lenghty so to spare you the trouble ill jump straight to the point. My father though he has his flaws is a very religious and i dare say principled man in some aspects.n He never misses church service. Went to bible school. At one point he was even a house fellowship leader. He prays and fast often.

So on this day i was standing in the doorway to my dads room. He wanted to send me on an erand ”i think”, so he opened his wardrope to get to get the money. Immediately he opened his wardrop i saw a BAT…yes BAT hanging upside down right there in his wardrope. In shock i jumped and shouted

”daddy see bat see bat !!!”.

Guess what he did. He simply smiled and gently closed his wardrope. I have never been this confused. I saw a bat hanging upside down in his wardrop and all he did was smile and gently closed the door. I don’t know what to make of it. I have already concluded, there is no way on earth this is from God. Up until this time i have never seen a bat up close in real time. The closest ive been was watch them on television. Contemplate how scared and confused i am now. I picked up an excuse and ran out of the house to go stay with my relative..its been a week since i left and im still too scared to go back.

What do you folks make of this? How can a man who prays and fast and attends bible school have a BAT in his wardrope. WTF !!

Theres a part two and this one is about my mother.


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