Stupid Questions To Avoid As A Bachelor Or Spinster


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Questions that make people hate you (stupid questions to avoid as a bachelor)

1. When will you get a job: In a digital age where alot of businesses are online, people make 6-7 figures from there living room, this question would be appropriate if we were still living in an industrial age. Only unexposed people ask such kind of questions.

2. When will you get married: marriage is not meant for everyone and except you are ready to support financially, this topic should stay out of your lips. Getting married is one thing, staying married is another.

3. Why are you still awake by this time: while you are enthused about your 9-5, you won’t expect someone else to be like you… most mental work is done in the midnight and the best decisions of ones life are made during times.

4. Why eat outside instead of cooking your food: we all know how expensive gas is in nigeria, how time consuming cooking can be, and the energy you put into it while still thinking of preserving the left overs except you have a fridge. Taking a stroll to your favourite canteen wont only save you time and energy but will get you a delicious meal.

5. Did you go to church or why didn’t you go to church: Excuse me!!, serving God shouldn’t be a routine but a willingness (from your heart). Times you feel energetic to go to church might be the time someone else needs to sort things out. Do not be self righteous/hypocritical.

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