STORY: Tales Of Abigail – (Chapter 1) by Harrystories

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STORY: Tales Of Abigail – (Chapter 1) by Harrystories

The sun drifted lower in the sky. The wind was cold and the day was getting old. Abigail was just been released from jail after many years of serving for a crime she knew not. At first, many months seemed like a dream, but as years rolled by, she realized she wasn’t dreaming, her lover was murdered, and she was held responsible.

She stood outside the gate for a very long moment, worried with the thought of where to go. Going back to stay with her parents in the village wasn’t a good idea to her. The only person that came to her mind was her best friend, Juliet.

An hour later she was in Juliet’s compound and met a woman washing cloths outside the house. “Good afternoon madam,” she greeted.

The woman met her eyes. “Good afternoon. How can I help you?”

She shook her head painfully as the woman didn’t recognised her anymore. Her years in jail had changed the person she was, looking very thin. “It’s me Abigail, Juliet’s friend.” She said.

The woman studied her face carefully for few seconds. “Oh oh Abigail! Sorry I didn’t recognised you. You know it has been a long time, but you have changed o, hope all is well?”

“It’s well,” she said, knowing the woman had no idea of what she had been through. “Please is Juliet at home?”

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“Juliet? Didn’t she tell you she had got married?”

Abigail wasn’t surprised at her words, she wasn’t expecting Juliet to remain single after all her years in jail. “No. I wasn’t around.”

“No wonder. She got married two years ago.”

“Please where I can find her?”

“It been long since I saw her, I don’t know where she stays.” The woman said. “Why not call her on phone?”

“I don’t have her number anymore,” Abigail sighed. ”Please do you have it?”

“No I don’t.”

She stood still for few minutes, not knowing what to do. If she could not find Juliet, she would have no choice than to return to the village. She let out a deep breath and met the woman’s gaze. “Okay bye bye ma,” she walked out of the compound.

On her way out of the street, thinking on what next to do, she heard someone called her from behind. She turned to see Bisi, Juliet’s friend.

“Abigail?” Bisi learned her head forward in disbelief. “Is this you?”

“Bisi, It’s me.”

“Ehyaah,” pity coloured Bisi’s face. ”I’m really sorry about what happened. Juliet told me everything. Kpele (Sorry).”

“Thank you my sister. It’s well.” Abigail said. “Please do you know where I can find Juliet? I heard she’s married.”

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“I don’t know where she stays but her shop is at Ikeja.” She gave her the address.

“Thank you very much.” Abigail was happy.

It took her an hour to get to Ikeja. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she got to Juliet’s boutique along Obafemi Awolowo way. It was the biggest boutique she have ever seen. Juliet must have been very lucky to marry a very rich man, she thought.

One of the sales ladies approached her. “What do you want?” She stared at her with a frown, knowing she wasn’t the type that could afford anything in there.

“Please I want to see your madam.” She replied her with a smile.

“Madam is not around.” The lady said and turned, walking away.

“Please wait.” She moved closer to her. “Please just tell her that her friend Abigail is here to see her.”

“Don’t you heard?” The lady said. “She’s not around.”

“Please when will she be here? I came from a far distance to see her. It’s important.”

The lady stared at her for a second. “I don’t know. She don’t usually come here. But If you’re lucky, she might come during closing hours.”

She took a quick glance at the wall clock that was hung on the wall, it was 6:23pm. “When do you normally close?” She asked.

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“9pm.” The lady walked away.

What was she going to do? Where was going to sleep if Juliet didn’t show up? She sat down outside the boutique patiently waiting and hoping for Juliet to show up.

She waited till the day turned dark, and the moon shown bright as day, but Juliet didn’t show up. She was so worried, and was feeling very cold.

“You’re still here.” The sales lady she met earlier was surprised to see her still sitting outside. “It’s late and we have closed.”

She stared at her silently for few seconds. “I have to see Juliet. Oh sorry, I mean your madam,” she said while the young lady narrowed her eyes at the mention of her madam’s name. “It’s very important. Please do you have her phone number? Please.”

“No.” She said. “The manager is still inside, he’s the only one who has madam’s number. Why not approach him and explain yourself to him. He could help you call madam.”

“Okay, thanks. Let me go inside and see him. Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome.” She said and walked away.

Abigail walked toward the entrance of the boutique and she was stopped by the security guard.

“You can’t go in. We’ve closed.”

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