STORY: ASUU Strike; A Trip From Ekpoma To Benin Episode 1

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ASUU Strike: A Trip From Ekpoma To Benin Episode 1

“Mayson you don hear the latest?” I asked, with a broad smile.
“wetin happen?” He asked, with curiosity written all over his face.
“mehn, ASUU don strike, men done dey loose guard men for the town, men don dey move go house” I said
“na lie… Why ASUU go strike when we never even start exam, mtcheww, Exam na next month here o. Na graduation things we suppose dey reason”.
“no be lie… Anyway sha, me still dey here. I no fit go Lagos, besides Lagos too far and money no dey, my pocket be like dried well, everywhere zaba” I said.

The strike was actually unexpected, no one predicted such event could ever happen until now, and the worst part was that we were so close to leaving the university and becoming young graduates and quite frankly, exam was actually just a few weeks from here.

“Mayson, I wan dey go house. I don dey H” I said, as I felt my tummy vibrating aloud like Nokia 3310.
“E no matter nah, you no go like kush?” He asked
Baba, on top this my condition. You no like me o” I said, while trying to force my left leg into my timberland shoe. “I don dey move o”.
“I go bell you later na” he said, as he escorted me to the gate.

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As I walked through poultry road, I could see students in mass, carrying their bags and baggage’s as if there was to be another reoccurrence of the events which took place in 1966. Bikes where moving to and fro, carrying students with huge luggage’s.
While I was walking through the narrow path towards my hostel, I heard my phone ring. It was Thompson, my old friend and colleague.

Me: Fela how far na
Thompson: I dey, Wetin-Dey sup for your side?
Me: Mehn, nothing much. I even dey go my hostel, hungry dey wire me.
Thompson: As for me, me don gbaga o. Me and Smart done dey move comot for this area as I dey speak.
Me: Una wan leave me for this town abi, no be so o
Thompson: Na Benin here we dey go na. Na backyard.
Me: No wahala o.

After our conversation, I got into my room, laid on my bed, and I began to devise means of getting food to eat.

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“mehn, food don finish for house. I am dead. Like I am so fuxked up right now. I for go Doris house but I no know if she go dey house. Mary for don move, that one no dey hear anything holiday. Mm, Juliet, Juliet, Juliet….” I thought deeply. ” mehn, make I call her?… No no no. I no wan fall my hand. Oboy afternoon don dey reach o, make man pikin no go faint o…. I gast summon courage, … I go bell am”.

Juliet was actually my ex, I still had feelings for her, but going to meet her to cook for me, didn’t sound pleasant to me. Nah, it sure didnt
But I summoned courage and I dialed her number, only for me to hear… “the Mtn number you have dialed is switched off, please try again later”.

I laid back on my bed, counting the ceiling… “1,2,3. 3*4,”. I completely had no choice. While counting, I prayed silently.

Baba God, good afternoon. Your boy don still come o, your boy dey H o. As I dey here so, Baba, I never chop since yesterday afternoon o. Baba, I never ready to die o. Na beg I dey beg o. Baba, I know say you don answer me, because you no dey fail. Thank you Jesus. Amen”.

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I took a sachet of water, lying very close to me and squeezed the entire content into my mouth, my belly became filled to the brim.
Minutes later, I heard my phone ring, I checked the callers ID, “Mayson DOC” was inscribed on my phone screen.

Me: Baba, how far
Mayson: You dey do anything for house?
Me: Nooo, I just dey.
Mayson: Ok, show my side.
Me: No probs

About 10 mins later, I was at Maysons crib. He had a packet of trams with him. He stretched it towards me.

Mayson: How far dey with this one.
Me: ….
Mayson: Temy, wetin dey sup?
Me: I dey H.
Mayson: You never still cha?
Me: Noo
Mayson: And me dey comot this town ryt now.
Me: You too still wan still leave me for this town too? Why na. My own done finish.

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