Should I Tell My Friend About His Wife Or Play Dumb?


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Should I Tell My Friend About His Wife Or Play Dumb?

Good morning and sorry to disturb you with this but I had a sleepless night and I thought to share this with someone…..

About a year ago I moved in to a new compound and discovered one of my neighbors came from the state as me and we easily bonded and became like brothers, our wives not from the same state as us too became close. A few months later, another lady from the same state as us too moved in and became a part of the relationship.

Things became sour when we started noticing what other neighbors had tried to draw our attention to, being that my said brother’s wife is a chronic liar and busy body who creates tension between people with her lies.

My wife and I had a fight when she told my wife I said she was the cause of my parents HBP. What I actually said to her husband while she was in the kitchen was ” my wife tells my parents about our fights and I don’t like it because they are hypertensive”.

Among others, if she gives you #100, she tells people it’s #10000, if she eats your food, she goes out and says no maggi or this and that. She calls you a miser while she can’t ordinarily do more than you.


She had even matchmaked our sister in the compound with another man, the man later told our sister his colleague had brought him to collect his share of the “kpekus” and to eat her money but he can’t go through when he realized she was a good woman with a good heart.

Now this said sister went for her introduction with another man last week Saturday without telling them because of his wife and her mouth. He called me as a man and complained to me how he felt bad when he saw others congratulating her while he knew nothing about it.

This man is a good man, very good but his wife is the problem. I don’t want to tell him he wasn’t informed because of his wife and I don’t want to lie to him as a brother.

I faked a call and said we’d talk about it today.

I need your matured advice. Thanks


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