“Should I Tell My Dad About My Cheating Stepmom?” (Please Advice)


Is Love Enough To Stop One From Cheating?


“Should I Tell My Dad About My Cheating Stepmom?”

Hey guys, I have always had my suspicion about her and this said man, he helps my dad during his constructions where she was mostly present.


It all started when i noticed her closeness with this man, I couldn’t overlook it but i kept it aside till a relative who stays at home throughout confessed to me that this man is always coming to our home most times as i was not staying at home at that period cos i was in school.

When i came back from school i noticed he was always showing up even at a point i saw him in the house, immediately he saw me i could see he was disoriented and don’t know which way he was to go.

Since then I don’t greet him and he
didn’t complain or asked me the reason which i guess he has figured the relative has told me, he then stopped showing at my house


The thing is the relative couldn’t tell my dad cos he believes my dad wouldn’t believe him, this is the same situation i’m in too.

I like this woman tho even as i know she doesn’t really have my best interest at heart, she has kids for my father already.

I really love my father but i hate to be the one to tell him this cos i don’t even know how he would react to this.



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