Should I Follow My Mother’s Advice? (Please Advice)


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Should I Follow My Mother’s Advice? – Confused Lady

My mother advice me never to look for a rich man who is well do whenever i’m set to get married.

she said i should marry a man that we will both start our life from the foundation, according to my mum, she said it is better to suffer with man to acquire wealth, than to go for a ready made soup.

Looking at the way things are going now, do you think a woman will now stoop so low and marry a poor man that is trying to make ends meet? Although, money is not love, but why would a parent wish her daughter to marry a poor man, i am begining to see my mum as a bad mother who does’nt wish me well.


Is it advisable i follow my mothers advice? I should stay in SURULERE instead of OLORUNSOGO.

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