“She Still Loves Her Ex. What Do I Do?” (Please Advice)


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“She Still Loves Her Ex . What Do I Do?”

Hello everyone, I’m a 24 year old guy and there is this nice lady I met two months back and ever since then, I’ve really been happy. Truth is we aren’t in a relationship yet but have spoken about our feelings for each other.

I really planned on settling down with her and likewise her but something happened today that got me in a state of dilemma. So she had to talk to her ex because of something really important and all of a sudden, she told me she still has feelings for him deep down and talking to him after a year of breakup has brought it all back and hopes that they’ll be together someday… I was like “Am I dreaming?” (I said that within me).

She went on and on and I immediately started shaking like literally. I couldn’t speak for a while and she noticed nothing at all. I’m really dumbfounded right now. Her ex was even the one that broke up with her… Why are girls really confused these days? She has told me countless times about how she feels towards me so I have no idea why this is happening all of a sudden.


I think it’ll be in my best interest to cut of all ties with her because I can’t face what has happened and I’ll be hurting myself by deciding to remain friends with her. What do I do?

Critics are most welcome


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