“She Said She Can’t Date Me Because ‘I’m Too Clean’. What Do I Do?”

3 Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Woman
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I know the world is battling coronavirus and I probably shouldn’t be talking about this at the moment but I could use your advice just incase we all survive this pandemic that has so bedeviled us.

I’m a young man in my mid-twenties and by this time last year I was broke and had a very poor account balance but by the Grace of God things are different now. My business is booming and I’m balling. Now I’m the type of guy that likes to look good and smell nice always, and this might just have proven to be my Achilles heel

It happens that there’s this extremely beautiful girl I’ve been crushing on in church and I finally made my move this Sunday. We got talking and exchanged numbers. Now this girl is like my dream girl; she’s very very beautiful facially, tall, has a fat ass, perky boobs, flat stomach and very straight legs. She basically looks like them models we see on IG

The problem is I asked her out and she said she can’t date me because she thinks that I’m “too clean” and would therefore cheat on her as a result. I’ve tried all I can to make her change her perception but she is not coming along. Please what do I do or say to this girl to make her date and marry me because I’ve already sworn that she’ll be my last bus stop in the dating world.

Please your advice will be duely appreciated. Thanks

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