“She Is A Muslim, I Am A Christian. Should I Forfeit The Relationship?” (Read and Give Advice)


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“She Is A Muslim, I Am A Christian. Should I Forfeit The Relationship?”

There is this lady I have been dating now for almost eleven years (11) she was my first love, we started dating while I was still in my final stage of secondary school, things were moving smoothly, as we are both new in the game of love.

I could remembered, then, mtn with their free night calls, we would talk from 12am to 5:00am then, she is the daughter to the king of the town, a well known king in Lagos state, but along the line, as we progress in line, owing to my fine boy of a thing,.

You know we guys when we sense that, it seems all lady want us, due to our cute look, or academic reasons, we take the advantage to flirt, of which she so much detest a cheating guy, she caught me times without number, but still hard for both of us to let go our anyone, after my higher institution,

I relocated to Lagos to start life and keep the hustle real, but this lady was in Lagos with mom, she keep coming to my place even in Lagos, but unfortunately, we lost contact, for seven years, we couldn’t reach ourselves, then i decided to relocated to another location in Lagos

But just last month, her call came, that she saw my contact on Facebook, And we try to renew the relationship, that’s how we started and doing fine, she’s now in her final year At Fountain University, Oshogbo,

Now the problem facing us now is, She is a Muslim, while am a Christian, her parent will never allow her to convert, while my own parent will never allow me to convert, and now we are madly in love, she try to convinced her dad, but all effort was prove abortive.

We love ourselves so much, but religion is the barrier facing us now, we are both planning to run away from the country, she promised to foot all bills for our travelling, but I told her we should try just be friend as our religion is the barrier here now.

If not for the religion issue, we plan to have our introduction this year, and get wedded next year, but religion want to truncate the whole plans,

Pls fellow naijachoicelites, your advice is urgently needed now, we are both confused, with no option, we can’t let go of anyone, and yet we don’t want our parent to turn back to us,

She keeps crying everyday, even I myself, and in the state of confused now,.



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