“She Has A Boyfriend But She Denied It And Told Me She’s Single” (Please Advice Me)


“I Am Not Dating Wizkid, We Are Just Friend” – US Singer Justin Skye Says @justinSkye


“She Has A Boyfriend But She Denied It And Told Me She’s Single”

Hello Good afternoon fellas!
There’s this Young girl of 22 I met on the road and I was attracted to her cos she was so irresistibly gorgeous in her moderate way of dressing and her voluptuous figure.


So we exchanged numbers, communicated on WhatsApp and calls, few weeks later we met at an eatery, like I’ve been told that first impression matters, so i dressed well and got some perf with a nice fragrance sprayed on my body then I got some malts for us to drink, when I ordered for Ishi-Ewu and the waitress informed me the price was 3k, she rebuffed and told me I shouldn’t buy it cos twas so costly, so we took just malt and departed.

Now ever since we met, she has been bombarding me with Calls and tons of messages, even in her office during working hours She’ll still be calling like thrice in the morning and I now observed she’s going crazy.

Now about Social media, I lied to her that I wasn’t on Facebook while I’ve been anonymously spying on her and then I came to realize that she has a boyfriend who stays in the same state but a far away Local Government.


Now the girl is asking me if I have a girlfriend of which I denied and she is now littering my pics all over her WhatsApp status as she begged me to take a selfie with her of which I reluctantly obliged.

So the crux of the matter is that I asked her if she is dating and she denied it and told me she’s single, I kept on pestering her to tell me the truth and she said she’s dating but she is no more interested in the guy again, meanwhile the guy in question still loves her.

So is this a green light for me to ask her out?
I’m 27.



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