Seun Okinbaloye Writes On EndSARS And How To Fix Nigeria

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Seun Okinbaloye, Channels Television’s Political Correspondent, writes on SARS, Police brutality and his to fix Nigeria.

Seun Okin writes on Twitter:
#endsars #endpolicebrutali
Seun Okinbaloye Writes On EndSARS And How To Fix Nigeria

#endsars #endpolicebrutality
Dear Friends,

On a rather deeper look at things, Police brutality is the topmost of the agitation but the anger and fury is deeper, bottled up for many years. An oppression our fathers have endured and the children now say No More, Enough is Enough!

In the context of the current scenario “SARS” has become a metaphor.

“SARS” in our society today represents all the inefficiencies, corruption, structural imbalances, faults and All the shenanigans of the Political class.

If this present fury does not inspire an overhaul of the Nigerian system, then we may be headed for another restless round of 60 year of disastrous merry go round.

This Nation needs a RESET NOW!!

It’s a good time to negotiate the fixing of this great Nation.

How long do we keep singing; Nigeria has great potentials? Let those potentials start working for good

If we must tell our selves the bitter truth as a people we urgently need to fix these;
* A drastic cut in cost of governance
* Federal Ministers shouldn’t be more than 10.
* Remove the lofty attraction in public office
* Reduce the powers of the centre and decentralize reasonably
* Fix our defective constitution
* Reset the civil service
* Create regional economic/developmental competition
* Allow states to explore their resources/endowment
* Resort to Unicameral Legislature
* No state should have more than 6 Commissioners and 5 aides to the Governor’s office
* It’s either Local council works or we forget about grass-root governance
* Very stern and severe punishment for stealing public funds

The Political Leadership that fixes this nation will be a hero, the people that push for the change will be happy for generations to come. We can then begin to flash our identity as a real great people that we are!!

Seun Okin

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