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how i slept with linda ikeji -

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Yes, I slept with the popular Nigerian female blogger, LindaIkeji. Did I hear you say ‘impossible’? Well, believe it or not, I “slept” with her, and I’m not regretting it!

Yeah, that’s the feeling successfull bloggers
create — a feeling of surprise! And when you
shock your readers, you’ve won them! That’s it.


International Entrance Scholarship at University of Calgary in Canada 2022/2023

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Now, there are many reasons why your first
blog probably failed even before it started.
One of the most important reasons is what I call ‘ugly post titles’. Titles that don’t “arouse” your readers. What you get in return? Failure! Then you say to yourself: ‘blogging is not my thing’.

Your blog titles are like an entrance to a
building. How you structure your blog titles
will give your potential readers a clue of what to expect. If your title sucks, no one will even give it a second look. Adding that ‘shock effect’ in your titles will make a lot of
difference! Lindaikeji’s blog (though not the best out there) is one of the blogs that gives priority to titles. So, literally, I “slept” with it!


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