REVEALED! What Islam Says About Pre-Marital Medical Examination

What Islam Says About Pre-Marital Medical Examination
by Imam Suleiman Alabi Yusuf, Phd.
All praise belongs to Allah (swt), May Allah continue to shower his blessings and peace on our Noble Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) his household, his companions all those who follow them with righteousness till the day of resurrection.

Be informed that authentic legal marriage is the basics of establishing a righteous family and building a noble and righteous community. Islam has already guided us to what should be done the moment we intend to marry or get married and how to select a spouse.

Based on the fact that every human being is composed of spiritual and physical structures, we are supposed to be concerned about those two components and keep balance in their maintenance at all times in all circumstances.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a very challenging modern age which compels all of us to be concerned about conducting medical tests in order to verify the status of our blood group, genotype, pregnancy test, and HIV which leads to AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome).

People nowadays fear them much more than hellfire prepared by Allah as punishment for His disobedient servants.

As a result of this deteriorating health condition of the people, these days, some imams and Muslim leaders have decreed that premedical examinations should be conducted for men and women who intend to get married and the result should be presented before the marriage could be solemnized and supported.

Islam as a complete way of life always encourages what is beneficial and discourages what is harmful, and as such as not in any way against the prevention which is always better and cheaper than cure. The major concern should be about the spiritual aspect of life in the first place by following the tradition of our Noble Prophet (peace be upon him).

When seeking for marriage the basic condition of marriage should be adhered to, followed by applying the Sunni method of seeking divine guidance on marriage before taking any decision.

In addition to that, the sincerity of purpose mutual agreement, paying of dowry and privacy between the would-be couple after contracting the marriage, not before it! Other matters are considered as secondary.

Servant of Allah! Indeed, there is no problem in doing medical test for a couple before contracting marriage in line with Allah’s injunctions.

Allah (swt) say:
“…And do not cast yourselves into destruction…” Q(2:195)

And Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) says:
“Carefully select for your semen because blood will tell”

That means what is bred in the bone will come out in the flesh. Due to the significance of blood in human body, mankind is supposed to be seeking Allah’s protection against shaitan, so that they would not fall into his trap, because he is a clear enemy to mankind.

Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) says: “Indeed shaitan flows in human body like blood”.
However, physical features should not be our area of concentration at the expense of spiritual fitness and well-being. We have seen fellow Muslims on different occasions that were solely after blood tests before marriage without paying much or any attention to spiritual matters like the Sunni method of seeking divine guidance, legitimate prayers on marriage, abstinence from unlawful sexual intercourse before the marriage contract.

Some people think once the parents of their would-be brides are aware of their relationship and have no objection to it, they can start having affairs whereas the marriage is still at the state of courtship or introduction.

Moreover, to concentrate on the issue of genotype at the expense of other issues is against Islamic teachings according to my view. It is very unfortunate and sorrowful to see people telling lies about their genotypes or HIV/AIDS status because they are desperate about getting married.

Some even go to the extent of producing fake results and at the end, the truth will be revealed, the whole exercise will collapse. What a shame on a Muslim to be found in this kind of dubious act! May Allah (swt) save us and overlook our lapses.

Servants of Allah! We really need to be educated on genotype and other matters, so that we can avoid what is avoidable.

According to the experts, the following results are to be considered concerning genotype:

1. AA versus AA = EXCELLENT
2. AA versus AS = GOOD
3. AS versus AS = BAD
4. AS versus SS = VERY BAD

Concerning blood group/type, O+ is the most common, followed by A+, B+, AB+, O-, A-, B-, AB-.
We all need to be educated on blood group compatibility to avoid blood crisis when there is a need for blood transfusion.

May Allah protect all of us and grant us success in both worlds.

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