REVEALED: The Untold Truth Of Cheating Every Couples Should Know


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Cheating is sweet because it’s done in secret and stolen waters as the Bible says is sweet. But the end is always disgrace, betrayal and broken trust. The easiest thing to do in a relationship is to cheat but try something harder and better like being faithful.


If not all, majority of couples can endure a lot of difficulties in a relationship or marriage but when the issue of cheating comes in it becomes something else for them. The reason for this is because even though love brings couples together to create a relationship, it’s trust that binds them.

That is; the coming together is love but staying together is trust and without the latter the relationship has no future. Couples can stay for long in a relationship or marriage without the feelings of love but can’t live together without trust. This is why the issues of trust is very paramount in relationship building.

Cheating is one of best and easiest way to break trust and commitment in a relationship. Let’s look at why people cheat in a relationship and the ways we can overcome it and save our relationships.

First, some couples start to cheat because they believe they are special to another person who is flattering them or giving them attention, which is always never true. Anyone who flatters you whilst knowing you are in a relationship or marriage doesn’t really love or respect you, because they are only doing that for their personal gain and what they can get from you which is not a demonstration of genuine love.

Secondly, some couples are pushed to cheat by their own partners, in the sense that their partners refuse to meet their legitimate needs in the relationship. That is; anything you refuse to give to your partner in a relationship he or she will look for it elsewhere.


This does not apply to giving S3x to your partner in a dating relationship as it will rather destroy the relationship than build it. Example, if a married woman refuses to satisfy her husband S3xually and denies him for so long, she’s pushing her husband to go in for another woman.

Thirdly, thinking you can have a better relationship or marriage with another person you admire instead of your partner. This happens when you begin to take your partner for granted and secretly hoping to have your fantasies with that person in your office, church or neighborhood.

Fourthly, early exposure to S3xual activities like pre marital S3x can make couples not to be S3xually satisfied by their partners. Because they have had a lot of S3xual skills and experiences with different partners with different sizes and shapes, they will therefore face the difficulty in sticking to only one partner which they are not used to.

Lastly, lack of the fear of the Lord can make couples cheat on each other in a relationship or marriage. Because God’s word is against cheating, the fear of God will be a checking system for their moral values.

From my personal view, the fear of the Lord, personal discipline, right information and being content with your partner and relationship can be a safe guard to help couples overcome cheating in relationship and marriage.




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