REVEALED: 7 reasons why women doesn’t like their men using condom during sex

REVEALED: 7 reasons why women doesn’t like their men using condom during sex

7 reasons why women doesn’t like their men using condom during sex

Often times, men have always been the ones accused of skipping condoms during sex because of the level of intimacy condoms remove from sex with their partners but not only men hate condom usage during sex, ladies also do but they try as much as possible not to make it obvious thereby hating it in their mind.

In this article, we will be talking about some major reasons why women hate condom usage during sex.

1. Condom kills the mood
Something as simple as reaching for a condom and sliding it onto the dick shaft by a man can kill sex mood for a woman, it’s not sexy to stop the hot mood and slide in a condom especially when the condom is not close and you have to start looking for it.

2. Means no kids
Some ladies will do anything to make their man forget to use a condom during sex in order for them to get pregnant because they feel getting pregnant for a man is the best way to totally own him and get his love. They seduce their man to have sex with them without using a condom and they ‘hook’ the man up with pregnancy to get him to marry them.


3. Infections
Even though it is widely preached that condoms reduces the spread of infection but the latex allergies which are the strongest deterrent against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) can cause a woman to end up with yeast infections and more. “Yeast infection simply means that too many yeast cells are growing in the woman’s “private part”, it is very common but don’t let it bother you too much because the treatment is simple”.

4. Condoms Break
It is no news that condoms break during sex because while the heat is on there is a high level of friction between male and female which can make a condom break and expose the woman to dangers of not using a condom which is why some women feel why the need for a condom when it can break during sex.

5. Condoms reduce pleasure
Men are the ones that mostly complain that condom usage do not give them maximum satisfaction but women are not left out too. “Condoms reduce the level and passion one could have during intimacy, this is a major reason some women hate condoms”.

6. Condoms could kill erection
This unfortunate circumstances usually happen to nervous guys who are more prone to easily lose their erection during sex so stopping to use a condom can also make these types of guys lose their erection thereby leaving their woman hanging.

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