REVEALED! 15 Signs That You Are Under The Attack Of A Spirit Husband And Wife

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REVEALED! 15 Signs That You Are Under The Attack Of A Spirit Husband And Wife

15 Signs That You Are Under The Attack Of A Spirit Husband And Wife

One major area that is affecting many people without knowing is the issue of spirit husband and wife.
Is it possible for someone to be under the attack of a spirit husband/wife without knowing? Yes!
Then, what are the signs that one is under the yoke of a spirit husband or wife? Read below:

Stretch marks: Spirit husband and wife can be inflicting injuries on the body of their victim while sleeping. So, when you notice that whenever you wake up from sleep in the morning, there are lots of stretch marks on your back, tummy, arm or any other part of your body, you may be under the attack of a spirit husband.

Hatred towards your spouse: When you suddenly develop hatred towards your spouse without a cause to the point of nursing murderous thought towards him or her. Such hatred will make you hate his/her touching and you also hate having sexual intercourse with your spouse, it may be a sign that you are under the influence of a spirit spouse.

Hatred Towards Opposite Sex: Another sign of being under the attack of a spirit husband/wife is that when you have an aversion towards the opposite, not that you have been molested at any stage of your life by people of the opposite sex and yet you don’t want to have anything to do with them. This is not normal; the spirit spouse may be at work here

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Constant destruction of things: Spirit husband/Wife can be so jealous of the physical spouse thereby causing damage on the things like car, generator, phones and other gadgets owned by the earthly spouse. This case is so mysterious that if those items are sold or given out to some else, it will function well. Many at times, it is the fellow who married a spouse with a spirit husband/wife is the one that bears the burden more.

Spiritual Sexual Molestation: When you dream of constant Sexual Intercourse while sleeping, it is a major sign that you are under the attack of a spirit spouse. If you usually have sex in the dream, you need to seek for spiritual help through deliverance

Experiencing Lost Of Items: Another common sign of a life under spirit husband/wife is when you keep on experiencing loss of money and valuable items. Even if you are the only one living in a house and you discovered that you can’t find your money where you kept it, and your belongings are getting missing, you need serious prayer to be free.

Constant Miscarriages/Barrenness: The wickedness in the heart of the spirit husband who doesn’t want his ‘wife’ to have earthly children can make him suck the pregnancy whenever the wife is pregnant. Cases like this are beyond medical attention and if not arrested early enough, it may lead to barrenness.

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Sudden Death of A Spouse: The hostility and jealous lifestyle of a spirit spouse can make him kill the earthly spouse. Some people have been having this issue that whosoever married them will die suddenly without prior sickness or health issues without knowing that it could be a spirit spouse at work.

Failed Business/Financial problem: When you noticed your business keep failing and you keep recording losses in all your business attempts even when you obey all business principles. Yet, you can’t explain how the whole investment crumbles. Some can be so worse that even if they join a thriving business, the business it will nosedive at their inclusion. This is a punishment from a spirit spouse meted out to you for marrying his spouse.

Breast Feeding In The Dream: If you have been dreaming that you are nursing a baby in the dream, it may be a sign that you are already married in the spirit world. The spirit husband may prevent you from having earthly Children or killed your earthly Children.

Serial Broken Relationships: Broken relationship should not be a regular occurrence in life. Once you noticed that people you love keep walking out of your life without any quarrel or misunderstanding, then there is more to it than ordinary. The spirit spouse may be responsible for chasing potential suitor from you.

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Going For Shopping With An Opposite Sex In The Dream: If in your dream, you keep seeing yourself going for shopping with an opposite sex, it may be a pointer to you having a spirit spouse.

Seeing Yourself Pregnant In The Dream: If you constantly see yourself in the dream with pregnancy, this may be that you are about to give birth to a spiritual baby especially if you are yet to have a Child in real life or you are not even married

Getting Married In The Dream: One sign that is common to people under the attack of spirit spouse is to have a dream regularly that they are getting wedded. Most times, dreams like this prevent many singles of marriageable age from being married physically.

Late Marriage: If you noticed that you are non-challant about wedding or marriage. Even, all your friends are getting married, you are not perturbed. You don’t just have the urge to quit singlehood; you may be under the yoke of a spirit spouse. This spirit will keep all potential spouse from you until you experience a late marriage or no marriage at all

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