‘Reasons Why You May Not Date Or Marry The One You Love That Loves You’ – Opinion


Reasons Why You May Not Date Or Marry The One You Love That Loves You
What to do when you miss your ex after marriage
The truth is that when you love someone truly and deeply, you become clingy, addicted and insecure… especially if you’ve not worked on yourself in that regard.

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A person who loves deeply can as well hate to kill… they can be blind to reason and logic and can even hurt the one they love If the one they love fails to keep simple relationship assurances.

A guy killed his partner because he caught her pants down with her employer making out in his office.

A lady silently drugged and killed her fiancee for cheating.


Love is a lot of work. It is not easy to say you love someone… be careful the type of love you allow to lead u into any relationship or marriage.

If a guy loves u too much as to be clingy, insecure, addicted to you, you must be careful. Same applies with the ladies too.

There is something called, the other side of love.cheesy


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