“Re squeezing in” Content Creator gets help


“Re squeezing in” Content Creator gets help

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Kope Makgae reaches out to the “Re squeezing in” content creator whose name is Dimakatso Ephesia.

The young creator got famous after Daliwonga stole her content for his amapiano song; people voiced out, seeking justice for her.

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The aforementioned actor and founder of accredited film and television institution Wyza Media Academy said he is set to offer her an opportunity.

“We found her yesterday and then my team spoke to her today. So she lives at Mokopane and she’s just thinking about her options. We’ve got film and television which is 12 months and that’s an everyday class and then we’ve got film and television short classes and acting classes on Saturday. From what I understand she is studying at Turf, so I think its just a matter of understanding whether she is continuing with her studies or what her situation is.”

“I think we know the status quo right? Everyone that’s in the industry is trying to stay in the industry and keep everybody out so they can share the spoils. So now this is an idea that’s built on what I’m currently doing.

Last updated on June 4th, 2023 at 07:01 pm

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