‘Owning A Legal Firearm In Nigeria: My Experience’

'Owning A Legal Firearm In Nigeria: My Experience'

‘Owning A Legal Firearm In Nigeria: My Experience’

Getting my license was the easiest part. Please do not be confused with my first sentence. When I say easiest part I meant it was easier than getting the firearm itself. Took me several months to actually get proper documentation. After getting my license I realized there was virtually no shop you could just walk into with your license to purchase a gun. After months of inquiries, and countless offer of old rusted relics I was able to purchase a banelli m4 through a link from one of the police stations in Abuja.

The whole process took almost 10 months. This was a few years ago. I don’t know how hard/possible it is to get a licence now. Guns yes i know because still use the link for maintenance. Due to not having no option in terms of repairs and servicing. Gun ownership and maintenance is a bit on the high side.

Other licensed gun owners what’s your experience

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