Opinion: “Some Men Need To Think” – (Read and Digest)


I can never understand the ideology of you doing nothing financially for me and you are trying to checkmate me, want to see who I am talking to and getting jealous all the time.

Am I supposed to stop talking to other guys, because I am dating a guy like you who can’t even take care of the basic needs of a woman, her hair and toiletries? Of course I am doing it myself, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with my man doing it for me. If you are broke and do nothing for your babe give her some space.

She knows you don’t have and trying to cope with you but don’t choke her up, especially now when you have nothing to offer.

Ps: if you are stingy as a man, you are not a man, you have no value. I didn’t say broke I said stingy. If you can’t do in little you won’t in much.



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