“No S3x Before Marriage Is A Scam” (Opinion)


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“No S3x Before Marriage Is A Scam”

Anybody who still believe in the scam of no S3x till marriage needs to get their head checked. If only you know how many marriages have been destroyed or are still suffering because of this, you will never think of falling for such a scam.


What baffles me is those who keep going to church but yet don’t know anything about bible and will keep deceiving themselves that S3x before marriage is a sin (WHICH YEYE SIN).

Many will say it’s formication but they don’t even know the true meaning of fornication as referred to in the bible. Take for example when Joseph was dating Mary, yes we agree she was still a v!rg!n because it was their own decision not to have S3x yet but how many people realized that there were other young women that existed then as well. Many had boyfriends too and some had S3x with their boyfriends while some didn’t because Mary wasn’t the only v!rg!n.


The bible never condemned those that had S3x with their boyfriends before marriage but it was just the divine choice of the Father to select a v!rg!n rather than a lady that had S3x already.

Let’s stop all these brohaha low African mentality of calling S3x before marriage a sin. God only sees a clean and a pure heart, not who had S3x when or how. You all should better respect yourself and save the doctrine of marriage by testing the waters to ensure you are ready to sail on that water for the rest of your life. Not after marriage you start looking for divorce because pen*s is too big or too small or maybe Virgina is too tight or too wide or its always one minute S3x.




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