Nigerian Health practitioners that got fame through social media


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Health practitioners that got fame through social media

In the past, the common means of contact with a medical institution or health facility was face-to-face, reading from a book, magazine, newspaper, radio, or television. Today, by means of social media we can learn a lot about health-related matters without visiting the hospital.

There has been an increase in the growth of content creators on social media since the pandemic of 2020 and they are in different categories of food, fashion, health, lifestyle, religion, business, politics, education, etc.

Doctors and nurses now offer medical advice to their online followers through dancing to trending songs and using trending memes. Some of these social media influencers even work with health brands to promote their uses; the popular social media health practitioners also use their social media platforms to expose popular health myths.

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Health influencers are medically trained personnel that are outstanding on social media platforms for their popularity, they carve a niche for themselves and prove their ability to offer health-related advice, disease diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up to their audience.

These people are the gladiators of Nigeria’s health industry, they know that the world is going digital faster than ever and they have adapted to keep millions of people health informed.

NaijaChoice Aproko Doctor

One of these people is Dr. Chinonso Egemba widely known as Aproko doctor, the founder of has over one million followers on Twitter, 510k followers on Instagram, 809.8k followers on TikTok as of recent, he is a Youtuber, he is also called Dr. Drink water by a few of his followers. Β Dr. Chinonso Egemba has won awards in recognition of his efforts In Public Health Education of the average Nigeria. He once tweeted β€œI know you think I’m here to remove the last piece of joy in your life but there is no easy way to do this. Suya can give you cancer” he further advised on alternate ways to safely eat meats, he gained fame from strives on social media through creating content in a humorous manner using memes and TikTok videos, his contents revolve around healthy life choices.

Nigerian Health practitioners that got fame through social media

Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu, @Chikwe_I on Twitter is a Nigerian epidemiologist and Public Health Physician who is also the Director-General of Nigeria’s Centre for Disease Control (NCDCgov) he tweets on disease outbreaks and prevention.

NaijaChoice Nurse Trendy

@Nurse Trendy born Immaculate Obi is a well-known social media nurse with 212.8k followers on TikTok, she sells medication for mostly women with vaginal infection issues, offers advices on women’s monthly period, pregnancy care, family planning, safe s*x practices and relationship advices, she extended her services to men with infection issues too.

Nigerian Health practitioners that got fame through social media


@DrOlufunmilayo on Twitter with over 100k followers, Dr. Olufunmilayo Harvey popularly recognized with the hashtag #OurFavOnlineDoc is a UK-based Nigerian medical doctor who’s known to share highly engaging tweets o medical topics, medical tips, and preach against moral injustices.

Nigerian Health practitioners that got fame through social media

Dr. Chioma Nwakanma-Akanno known as @DrZobo on twitter with 83k followers and 23.1k followers on instagram is a medical doctor and healthcare leader, she is one of the most respected health advocates in Nigeria both on and off social media, and she is known to dish out health tips and often tweets about health education and awareness. Β Dr Zobo has a fondness of sipping Zobo while giving out medical advice and telling stories on social media platforms, I think that is how she got the name DrZobo.

Nigerian Health practitioners that got fame through social media

Dr. Ola Brown known as @NaijaFlyingDr on twitter with over 100k followers is a medical doctor who founded Nigeria’s first air ambulance and her other company @Flyingdoctorsic plans to raise $1bn to invest in Africa’s health care sector.

Nigerian Health practitioners that got fame through social media

Dr. Kelechi Okoro known as @healthertainer on Instagram with 200k followers, she creates engaging contents while advocating for many health causes.

Nigerian Health practitioners that got fame through social media

Dr. Damian Avar known as @therealsabidoctor on Instagram with 161k followers is an award-winning health educator featured on BBC, he is a s*x doctor that often post about STD related issues like HIV, AIDS, how to prevent it and how to overcome the challenges, he educates on Fibroid issues too.

The followers of these medical experts on social media grew rapidly as Nigerians began sharing their information from one platform to the other to reach other people. This act encouraged more people to follow them for more updates on health-related topics.

If you are not following these wonderful personalities on social media and their tweets, you should because their tweets and threads have changed and saved lots of lives, you should not be left out when it comes to health education.

However, it is best advised to visit the hospital or local pharmacist for proper medication than taking prescription drugs when you have not been diagnosed, it is better to be on the safe side by going for a test before getting drugs to cure the problem.


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