Nigeria estimate for coronavirus isn’t correct – Read this

How were these people having coronavirus calculated? There’s no way the calculation could round up being true because Nigeria is yet to take necessary action against the spread. If note is taken properly most detected cases are mostly the educated and well living individuals. What happens to areas attaining low mentality and manageable surm? Again travellers are still on trips from one places to another flying and going round the country, however let’s keep this sweating part aside delightfully airports could be a better secure for test before flying.
Nigeria estimate for coronavirus isn’t correct – Read this
Let the truth be told anonymously since we don’t accept been corrected. I’m having feelings that those living with the virus that are not yet detected are more much than the detected cases. We have so many stubborn poor illiterates in the country than the rich and knowledgeable individuals who fears death and submissive to test.

So many poor living individuals in areas like Ajegule, Agege, Mushin, and many other similar locations in Lagos wouldn’t want to go for test even if they noticed symptoms.

For my own suggestion I would advise the Government to distribute the testing tools or machines to various places such as supermarkets, eateries, travelling parks, places like tolgate etc to easily detect those that are having the virus and have them separated from the the public to avoid spread if the Government truly want to stop the spread of this virus.
Parks like God is Good motors, ABC motors, Libra, Young Shall Grow and many others must have to use the detective tools to check all passengers before allowing travel to other states. With these act the chances of allowing spreading of the virus will reduce by 40% because there are people who don’t even believe in it, and wouldn’t want to have test done no mater what the symptoms are they will never go for test believing it’s malaria or something, this is how it will keep spreading. Some people don’t even know they have it and they are still struggling with their daily activities trying to survive while spreading to others unknowingly.

From my own calculation, if the cases in Nigeria is properly monitored we maybe having more than 500 cases already.

These is my own little contribution regarding these coronavirus.
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